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In 2005 the Creative Learning banner was formed for the Food and Farming project Friesian to Fridge. This CD is now being distributed free to schools in the UK. Creative Learning worlds satisfy many aspects of the national curriculum

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See details of this category planning layout tool.

The Friesian to Fridge Virtual Tour is a  solution to the work related curriculum. Explore a dairy farm, milk the cows and chat to the farmer about his work. Free to UK schools. [More]

TotalStore. A bespoke store planning tool. Populate a store with chillers, gondolas etc. Save weeks designing your shop layout with our intelligent system, then output the plans.              [More]

See details as to how to design sewerage systems quickly.

Flavouring VR. Watch ions being counted in an ionisation mass spectrometer. Students can visit  orange groves in Brazil and laboratories in England. [More]

VRTool. Our intelligent design tool allows new wastewater networks to be designed in minutes. Place new manholes, CSO’s etc in 3D then output the schedules and drawings saving hours                         [More]

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Since 1996 ViRtual Worlds has been producing bespoke Virtual Reality solutions for Educational and Commercial purposes.

Using innovative techniques we now intermix video with virtual reality. This allows interactive interviews with experts in our series of Work Related Curriculum Virtual Tours.

Without the encumbrances of  Risk Assessments or Health and Safety regulations, students can examine working industrial machines  and view microscopic worlds previously only imagined.                   [More]

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